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Postponement announcement

Dear biosemiotic community,


We are faced by the remarkable challenge of a global pandemic that has forced us all to recalibrate our daily lives. As people and places recover from this unexpected threat, we have decided, following current events in academia and the world at large, that the Gatherings in Biosemiotics 20 must be postponed. July, the original month for the Gatherings, is too close and the lingering uncertainty about international travel makes matters far more complicated than we originally expected. With this in mind, we have decided to move the date of the conference until November 2020, so as to not lose the year, in the hopes that by then the whole international outlook will be healthier and open for international conferences. We are still optimistic about the outcome of the pandemic and have high hopes that you will still join us in November for the 20th celebration of the Gatherings in Biosemiotics.


The Gatherings in Biosemiotics 20 Organization

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